“Soviet Time”

We were sitting dinner on Sunday (diner is served from 7-8pm) and were shooed out at 8:05. Our little group laughed about it and moved on. Last night at dinner, we were sitting and chatting with a group of people from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine and the table was being cleared when a sharp voice from the doorway made it clear it was time to go. Nothing was lost in translation, no translation was necessary. It was especially interesting when one of the Kazaks muttered, “Soviet time” as we made our way out of the room.

This same pointedness again presented itself when at 11:30, we were sitting with Piotr, one of our hosts, and the lights were turned up, the music turned off, and within about five more minutes, we were told, “Bar finished.” We laughed that we were not going to be allowed anywhere in the Sanitarium but we’re not so sure that we’re not right. (Later we read the sign and it said they should have been open until midnight. Selective hours, apparently.)

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