MOOC Unit 2 Reflection

This unit’s challenges, create a mission and create/distribute a digital badge, were engaging as they provided different and new approaches to things I already do in my instruction. Learning more about how badges have metadata embedded in them was enlightening to me and I am starting to see how they could be incorporated into learning in meaningful ways. I admit I still wonder about their effectiveness with high school seniors and adult learners, but it will be interesting to see how they are received.

The “mission” language is hopefully more freeing and engaging to my learners as they will not have the constraints of a worksheet, promoting choice, ownership and creativity. At this point, it feels like I wouldn’t want everything to be a “mission” or it wouldn’t be part of a change in instructional approach. I also wonder about the difference in receptiveness for high school students and adult learners.


The digital badges can be motivating for learners as they can be fun, provide a visible sense of accomplishment, and they are not connected to a grade. Sometimes the grade too much of a driver and it isn’t about the concepts one is learning. I hope badges will be more freeing/less constrained, thereby encouraging the learner to explore with personal inspiration and curiosity.

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